Pronto Compose (Beta)

Val Okafor
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Master Jetpack Compose in 100 Days!

Learn How to Create 10 Complete Android Apps With Jetpack Compose

Jetpack Compose is not just a modern UI toolkit for building Android apps. It is the future of Android development. Developers who fail to learn Jetpack Compose today may have to re-learn Android development in no distant time. Jetpack Compose has been widely adopted by the community and rapidly gaining momentum. So the question then is how do you learn Jetpack Compose? It turns out, that the answer is - the same way you learned Android development in the first place - Study and practice. Except, this time, you have to do two more things, unlearn and replace.

You have to unlearn XML, Fragment, View/Data Binding, Adapters, Layout flattening, and dozen+ libraries! You have to replace these with a new paradigm - the declarative UI development paradigm. It won’t happen overnight, Hello World samples, won’t help you. This book can. Over the next hundred days, you will build 10 complete Android apps with Jetpack Compose and watch your productivity, creativity, and delight for Android development rebound. 

Back to the study and practice path for learning programming. This book provides the practice part, and some of the studies, however, it is not meant to be a replacement for the extensive introductory study material provided by the official guides and codelab. At the minimum, you will help yourself a lot with starting your Compose journey with the basics.

What you will learn

  • Solid grasp of Android Development fundamentals, modern tools, and best practices.
  • Strong proficiency with Kotlin programming language.
  • Hands-on mastery of a range of Jetpack Compose APIs. 
  • Extensive experience creating great-looking app user interfaces (UI).
  • Skills to apply for Android Developer positions, work remotely as a freelancer, or develop and publish your own apps.
  • Learn the thought process of taking an app idea from concept to the Google Play Store.

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Step by step tutorial on how to create 10 complete modern Android apps with Jetpack Compose.


Pronto Compose (Beta)

0 ratings