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Pronto Todo Source Code

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Learn Jetpack Compose from a complete Todo List app.

Todo List Apps are the most common app used to learn programming skills, no other app comes close. You can adapt this Jetpack Compose app to any reminder-based app.

This simple app touches on a number of common Jetpack Compose APIs and components such as.

  • Compose Navigation
  • Material Design 3
  • Layouts
  • Testing
  • MVVM with Compose
  • Compose with Hilt
  • Many more

This Android app allows users to create a Todo list with to-do items.

  • A TodoList is broken into three tabs. Todo, Completed, Overdue
    • The Todo tab contains uncompleted Todo Items
    • Completed Tab contains completed Todo Items
    • The overdue tab contains Todo items with past due dates.
  • Each Todo Item in the list should haveĀ 
    • The name of the Todo item
    • An icon indicating a reminder if a reminder is added
    • A delete/remove icon/option
    • A priority icon/label
    • Due date and time
  • A button to add Todo Items
  • A dialog to add Todo Items
    • Add Todo Item screen shall contain
      • Input for the name of the todo item
      • Due date time/selector button
      • Priority - options Low, Medium, High
  • The reminder is simple reminders (one-time reminders)
  • Show number of Todo items, Completed and overdue
  • If no items show splash screen
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Full working source code for Android Todo List App with Jetpack Compose and Material Design 3 UI.

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Pronto Todo Source Code

0 ratings
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